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 Sig of the Week Rules

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PostSubject: Sig of the Week Rules   Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:59 pm

So here is the rules for the SotW.

SotW Rules

1. Sig must follow theme.
2. No major sig changes allowed, only subtle changes. But it must be approved first.
3. Old sigs can be used if it follows the theme.
4. Size must be reasonable.
5. Use your OWN sigs, no plagiarizing allowed.
7. When you enter, enter the sig URL as well in the post.
6. No late entries.

Voting Rules

1. Only one vote allowed per person.
2. Post why you think the person you voted for wins.
3. You can't vote for yourself, just for the sake of not making yourself look desperate and stupid hahaha.
4. +Rep the winner!

Please no discussion here, I'll have a mod close this.

If there's a problem with the rules, just PM me.


The Breaker ftw.

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Sig of the Week Rules
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