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 Youtube Editors Perspective Podcast (YEPP) Ep. 7: Jenkem

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PostSubject: Youtube Editors Perspective Podcast (YEPP) Ep. 7: Jenkem   Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:53 am

Subscribe to the Podcast on itunes for new episodes on Thursdays: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/youtube-editor-perspective/id460363259

Check out the Forum: http://wayofthepride.forum-motion.com/

Today we are joined by jforce321 to talk different styles of editing. As a note, Skype was having issues the night of this recording.

Link Dump (Added as Received):

Ending Question
What video would you recommend?

Loneninja115- "....Hello?............Hello?" by Compbros (BG)

jforce321- Plug with a View by RebornZombie

RequiemofHeaven- Written in the Spirals - AMV - Best Action: AWA Pro 2011 by tehninjarox

Combros(BG)- DE:HR - I Need a... by TheAngelStrikesBack


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Youtube Editors Perspective Podcast (YEPP) Ep. 7: Jenkem
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